A Simple Implementation of Trait Mixins for Javascript

The method I use in development is a bit different from what I wrote here for brevity’s sake, since it allows for inheritance among traits, and includes various checks to avoid clashes; but the concept is the same.

The basic idea is to make constructors “traitable”:

 * Traitable constructors all respond to a common API.
 * For example, `foo.registerType()`.
function makeTraitable(_this, _constructor) {
    _this.traits = [];

    _constructor.prototype.is = function (trait) {
        if (_this.traits.indexOf(trait) !== -1) return true;
        return false;

    _constructor.prototype._registerTrait = function(trait) {

    _constructor.prototype._addValue = function (key, value) {
        _this[key] = value;

Now making a constructor traitable is just a matter of calling the mixin:

function Dude() {
  makeTraitable(this, Dude);

And we can write our first trait:

function Moveable(_constructor, initialX, initialY) {

    _constructor.prototype._addValue("posX", initialX);
    _constructor.prototype._addValue("posY", initialY);

    _constructor.prototype.moveLeft = function () {
        this.posX -= 1;

That's all there is to it!

 * Our new dude will respond to the same predictable
 * API as any other Moveable objects.
function Dude(initialX, initialY) {
    makeTraitable(this, Dude);
    Moveable(Dude, initialX, initialY);

 * Inventing new game objects with different behavior is a
 * simple matter of trying mixin combinations.
function Cart(initialX, initialY) {
  makeTraitable(this, Cart);
  Moveable(Cart, initialX, initialY);


ted = new Dude(0,0);

//-> true

//-> false

//-> 0

//-> -1

This lends itself well to manipulating application objects with functional logic:

_.zipWith(move, moevables, directions);

function move(objectId, direction) {

It’s also less prone to unexpected behavior. I can confidently register new objects, mix or remove traits, and not fear the application will break.


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